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We are a sales and marketing agency that create tailor made strategies to help grow your business and maximize its sales. The unique blend of our expertise and experience across the world of marketing, digital and technology enables us to create great products and solutions which can transform your business





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Increase Company Sales


Sales productivity is the number #1 pain point for almost 65% of all businesses. Therefore optimising sales productivity plays a pivotal role in the success of any business. According to the 20-60-20 rule of sales management, 20% of your sales team will be very strong, 60% will be about average and 20% will be weak. That leaves a majority of your sales team with room for improvement and opportunity to increase productivity. Shift your sales team to top gear with us.

Team Performance Tracking & Reporting (CRM)

Managing a sales team without effective reporting is like driving with your eyes closed: Improve your sales performance & generate more leads by integrating your business  with a CRM solution

Sales Training & Coaching

Use our sales training & coaching package to polish skills & improve productivity of your sales team or try out our virtual sales manager program to manage your sales team on a weekly basis.


Telemarketing is an art, and finding the right company or individuals to do this, It is not an easy task. Let us to help you win new customers while maintaining your brand reputation.

Email Marketing Service

Stop sending boring text based email campaigns & shift to attractive responsive design templates to market your business. Get better results by having experts manage it for you.

Hiring Sales Staff

Sales hiring is tedious process and a wrong hire can prove costly for any business. If sales hiring is not your expertise or if you just don’t have the time. Do not worry. We got your covered.

"The secret is not to call the decision maker. Instead make the decision maker call you."

-Jeffrey Gitomer

Let customers find you instead of you hunting for them


Wouldn’t it be amazing if customers can find you naturally rather than your sales team chasing them down. This is the current reality of how smart businesses attract potential customers. The internet has empowered customers with instant information about the product and services your are selling. With just a few clicks they can easily access details specs, pricing and reviews of products and services they are look for. The big question here is are they finding your or your competition.

Website Design & Development

Get a website that looks awesome and which is also equipped with smart lead capture techniques. Open doors to multiple business opportunities by having a powerful web presence.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Customers these days use search engines to find products or services offered by you. We can drive this traffic to your website and ensure this business reaches you and not your competition.

Google Adwords Campaign (PPC)

Paid search marketing is by far is the quickest and most controllable way to get qualified traffic for business. Rather than you searching for customers, why not let them find you instead.

Social Media Marketing

A great SMM campaign is all about reaching your customesrs and igniting a conversation. let us help you spark this discussion and build deeper relationship between you and your customers.

Marketing Collateral Design

Effective marketing collateral can be the difference between a near sales & a closed deal. Grab the attention of your prospects and quickly close the sale with powerful marketing collaterals.


Blog & Content Writing

Without relevant content, your website is worthless to customers and search engines. Hence blogs and website contents are gaining traction as they assist in finding and retaining customers.

"Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning."

-BIll Gates

Customer Loyalty = Repeat Business


Successful businesses don’t just win new customers, they focus on getting these customers come back for more business. Building long term relationships and winning their loyalty are the only ways to reach this goal. A harvard study found that by increasing repeat customers by 5%, you can increase profits by 25% to 125%.

Rewards & Loyalty Programs

Repeat & loyal customers is what makes any business stay profitable. They are the 20% of your customers who give you 80% of your sales. To keep them loyal, there is no better way than by rewarding these customers.


Customer Feedbacks & Surveys

Even if you have won the business, an important question yet remains on whether your customers are happy with your product or service. A simple feedback tool can help solve this matter.

Personalized Greetings & Wishes

Drive more conversions by showing customers that you care. A study revealed that 74% of customers who received birthday messages from a company showed increased brand loyalty towards that company.

One should never put all their eggs in one basket

Identifying New Revenue Streams


Discovering a new revenue stream is much like starting a new business. There are many factors that has to be considered in order to generate a lucrative business model. Ample amount of time, money and resource has to be spent on research in order to devise a concept that will make more money. Often many companies make the mistake of choosing the “low hanging fruit” opportunities. But these ideas are usually easy, quick and cheap for competition to adopt. Instead look for opportunities that require a ladder.

Sales & Marketing Consultancy

Our first approach is to find out the problems and pain points faced by our customers. We then design & execute appropriate strategies through the lens of each customers to resolve these issues.

Marketing Research

Whether it is to identify new markets or to launch a new product, market research helps businesses stay tuned to the changing market trends, retain their competitive edge and to minimize business risks.

Alternative Investment Strategy

More investors are now adding alternative assets to their traditional portfolios of stocks & bonds. Allocating 5% of your portfolio into angel investments can increase returns while lowering volatility. Be part of a thriving community of investors and startups.

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